We are proud to say that our products are designed and manufactured right here in the USA.

Our design philosophy has always been one of functionality first, and every care has gone into producing our range of live Christmas tree stands. Our range of stands has style, durability and are all easy to use, but they all hold water above all. Cinco stands are designed to keep, at a minimum, enough water to meet the daily needs of most Christmas trees. The Cinco Automatic Watering Kit can provide just that extra bit of assurance that the tree stays in the water.

Each Cinco stand is designed to hold a maximum claimed tree height. Notice there is no maximum claimed tree weight as there is a wide range in weights from species to Christmas tree species. Cinco stands are built to handle them all. Made from no-break, prime, automotive-grade polypropylene, and heavy gauge steel fasteners, Cinco stands outperform and outclass any other. Better materials, and more of them.

The unique, patented, clover-leaf shape, with the wide-low water reservoir, is specifically designed to accommodate irregular-shaped trunks and trunks with low hanging branches. Less often will you have to pass on that beautiful tree because it will not fit in your stand. Nor will you have to trim away those full branches that give the tree its perfect shape.

How Do Our Stands Work

This cut-through of the Classic Stand shows how a tree is held in place by a Four-point anchor system.

The pins to the base provide the first anchor, helping to centralize the tree and mounting it to the base while keeping the trunk slightly raised to allow for maximum water take-up.

The three strong, adjustable bolts at the top provide an easy and secure system for straightening the tree and locking it securely in place.

Classic Stand Close Up

Why do live Christmas trees need water after they have been cut?

Dr. Gary Chastagner, Plant Pathologist and Extension Specialist at Washington State University, an independent researcher and expert in Christmas trees, says that Christmas trees will continue to use water after they are cut in the field. It is this ability that keeps the tree looking and smelling fresh for extended display periods. But there are factors that will affect how long the tree will be able to do so. You want a tree stand that will function to serve these factors.

Dr. Chastagner has concluded from his research this general guideline: trees will consume about one quart of water per day for each inch of trunk diameter. A tree with a 4-inch (10.16cm) diameter trunk may take as much as 1 gallon (3.79 l) of water a day initially. The briefest time from field cut to display is most favorable.

A bit of preparation is necessary to enable the tree to take up water. Shortly after the initial cutting in the field, the tree will seep and seal at the cut end. Just before displaying, the tree must be re-cut (a maximum of ½ inch or 1cm is all that is necessary) in order to allow the uptake of water. Because the tree absorbs water most efficiently at the trunk's outer growth rings (not through the bark, but the internal woody part), this is the area of the trunk that must remain in constant contact with water. So a straight cut, perpendicular to the trunk, is preferred.

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